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Sunday October 25, 2020 Worship Gathering
Worship Gathering of Kihei Baptist Chapel. Series: Words of Life, the Gospel of John. Today's Text: John 7:24-52 Today's Title: Who Can Come to Jesus?
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    1655 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
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    Sunday 10:00 AM
I. Who CAN'T Come to Jesus? (25-36)
A. Those who Reject His Divinity (25-30)
B. Those who Rely on their Religion (32-36)
II. Who CAN Come to Jesus (37-39)
A. Whoever Believes in Him (31, 37-38)
B. Whoever Trusts the Scriptures about Him (38)
III. Examples in Real Life (40-52)
A. Some See His Works But Miss His Identity (40)
B. Some Identify Him Correctly & Believe in Him (41a, cf. 31)
C. Some Get Caught Up In Petty Disputes About Him & Miss Him Completely (42-43)
D. Some are Moved by His Message, But Out of Fear of the Opinion of Others are Afraid to Believe (44-46)
E. Some Harden their Hearts (Pride) & Refuse to Believe (47-49)
F. Some Take an Intellectual or Curious Approach to Jesus, but Must Someday Come to Him by Faith (50-52)

Friends, don’t make the same mistake so many made in Israel then. Search the Scriptures. See how Jesus’ birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection fulfill hundreds of Old Testament prophecies. Examine His character. Study His teachings. Listen to His gospel. And respond to His offer.

For those who will believe, the Holy Spirit is waiting, perhaps right this very minute, to become part of your life and give you a brand new abundant life with God.

Jesus has already paid the penalty for your sin and mine. He died the death we deserve. Because of His great love:
He offers us forgiveness, and mercy and grace.

It’s a free gift. It’s a universal gift … anyone can receive it.
But it requires your acceptance. He won’t force it on you.

The decision is yours. Will you judge rightly?

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