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The Skinny On Wisdom : Week 1 of "Wisdom's Cry : The Book Of Proverbs"

Sunday Morning, August 12th, 2018 Presented by Pastor Joshua Kennon
The Need For Wisdom Never Ends
Wisdom Is Earned; You Work To Get It
Wisdom Makes Plans For The Future; Wisdom Lives Intentionally
Wisdom Is Doing What's Right For Everyone
Proverbs Are Practical Application Of God's Word
Proverbs Are General Sayings About Life (Not Literal)
Q: How Do We Attain Wisdom?
A: The Fear Of The Lord
The Fear Of The Lord Is God's Claim On Our Lives
The Fear Of The Lord Is Repentance From Our Own Ways (Proverbs 9)
The Fear Of The Lord Is Awareness Of God
Ultimately... The Fear Of The Lord Is To Worship Him