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Today's Message- Paul's Arrest and Defense Pt. 1
(Acts 21:18-23:35)
Main point: Paul is letting God use his life (even in persecution and violence) to help people become disciples of Jesus.
Week 1: Exciting Beginnings - The Gift of the Holy Spirit (Ch. 1-2)
Week 2: Exciting Beginnings - A People Like Jesus (Ch. 3-4)
Week 3: Problems Within and Without (Ch. 5-7)
Week 4: Encountered by Jesus - Saul to Paul (Ch. 8-9)
Week 5: Moving Out - God Reaching the Gentiles (Ch. 10-12)
Week 6: Compelled for Christ: Paul's 1st Missionary Journey (Ch. 13-14)
Week 7: Who can Follow Jesus? - Jerusalem Council (Ch. 15:1-35)
Week 8: Compelled for Christ: Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey (Ch. 15:36-18:22)
Week 9: Compelled for Christ: Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey (Ch. 18:23-21:17
Jerusalem: Joy and Concern
Paul goes to Jerusalem after his 3rd missionary journey.
Jerusalem: Joy and Concern
The leaders are overjoyed to hear what God has done through Paul's ministry but suggest he participate in a Jewish vow at the temple to show that he still honors God's law. 21:17-26
Jerusalem: Joy and Concern
People dislike Paul because they put their identity more in customs and rituals than in God's savior Jesus. Customs and rituals are not bad, but they can not be a substitute for a relationship with God through Jesus.
Paul Arrested
While at the temple, Jews from Asia form a mob to try to harm Paul but he is saved by Roman soldiers. 21:27-36
Paul Arrested
Paul shares his testimony with the crowd, but when he gets to the part about God's mission to non-Jews they want to kill him. 21:37-22:29
Paul Arrested
The crowd did not want God to save non-Jews, and were unwilling to accept that God would or could save non-Jews.
Paul Arrested
The Roman captain orders Paul to be taken to the Jewish leaders (the Sanhedrin) to figure out what is going on. The meeting ends in another violent fight. 22:30-23:10
Paul Arrested
To reject Jesus and his plans is to reject God. God's plan is for Paul to share about Jesus at the very heart of the Roman Empire. 23:11
The Plot
A group of men decide they will kill Paul and get the Sanhedrin to lure him into the trap. 23:12-15
The Plot
Paul's sister hears of this and the guards transfer Paul to the Governor Claudius Felix in Caesarea where he awaits his next trial. 23:16-35
Jesus, do I remember what you have done for me? Am I willing to join what you are doing around me?
Next week:
Paul's Arrest and Defense - Part 2. Acts 24-26

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