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The Good Book - Can I Trust It?
Weekly Scripture Readings November 2-6
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Clement of Rome (c.96)

Open the eyes of our hearts to know you, who are the highest of the high, the holiest of the holy. You bring down the haughtiness of the proud, and thwart the schemes of the dishonest. You raise up the lowly and cast down the lofty. Riches and poverty, death and life, are in your hand. You alone can discern every spirit, looking into the depths of every soul. You protect those in danger, give hope to those in despair, and guide every creature on earth. By your power the nations of the earth can flourish and increase.

Grant us, Lord, we beseech you, your grace. Pity the poor, encourage those who are sad, enlighten those whose spirits are in darkness, heal the sick, guide the confused, feed the hungry, release those who are unjustly imprisoned, support the weak, comfort the faint-hearted. Let all the nations of the world know that you are God, that Jesus Christ is your child, and that we are your people.
The Bible remains the best-selling book of all time. It is at your fingertips, has a ton of resources and great scholarship done about it, but for many people - including many Christians - it remains a mystery as to how to read, understand, interpret and apply its contents.

This series will aim to help you feel confident enough to begin to read and understand it yourself! It will be full of all sorts of things you wanted to ask but were too afraid to!

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