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Money and Possessions
Part II of our series #faithful
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Welcome to part 2 of our series ‘#faithful.’

Throughout this series we will be exploring what it means to be faithful with the resources God has given us.

Last week we began with the foundational understanding found in Psalm 24:1, “The earth is the LORD’S and everything in it.”.

Now, who's ready to talk about money and possessions?
Money and Possessions?

What does it mean to be honestly faithful with the money and possessions God has entrusted to us?

The great evangelist Billy Graham is quoted as having said this about money;

“If a person gets his attitude towards money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area of his life. Tell me what you think about money, and I can tell you what you think about God, for these are closely related. Man's heart is closer to his wallet than almost anything else.”

What are your thoughts?
So all of our money & possessions belong to God?

That's right, the whole lot.

Faithful stewardship of our money & possessions begins with this truth: If “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it,” then all of our money and everything we own belong to God.

It is often tempting to think that because we have worked hard for our money, then it’s ours to do with as we please.

But who gave you the ability to work and earn?
What does honour look like?

Honouring the Lord with our wealth, our money & possessions, does involve giving to God. But honourable stewardship involves so much more than simply putting a portion in the offering plate.

How do we put God’s Kingdom priorities first in the way that we earn, give, save, own and spend?
Bring God honour as you earn

Being faithful stewards of our money and possessions begins with how we earn them.

Does your earning demonstrate integrity and contentment?
Bring God honour as you give

Giving sacrificially is the key priority of faithful stewards of money & possessions.

Is your giving an act of worship and trust, or something else?
Bring God honour as you save

The Bible points us towards setting aside money to provide for the future.

Society tells us to spend up while we have it to spend.

Which way are you headed?
Bring God honour as you own

Our focus should not be on hoarding earthly treasures. We are only required to act as trustees, as they belong to God.

A trustee is appointed to administer the affairs of another. A trustee has a responsibility to deal wisely and shrewdly with the resources of their master.

Have you invested? Or just hidden it away?
Bring God honour as you spend

It is not wrong to enjoy the fruit of your labours. But unlike the culture of the world it is just not our first priority.

Faithful stewardship of God’s resources means embracing simplicity in spending. We need to seek wisdom and perspective to distinguish between 'real' needs, and 'cultural' needs.

Where is your money going?
So remember;

Earn with integrity & contentment
Give sacrificially
Save wisely
Own as a trustee
Spend simply

Life Group Discussion Questions Below

As our life groups gather this week, we have attached our reference verse and some questions to prompt a deeper discussion and search into this week's topic.

If you are not currently part of a life group, and would like to join a small group of like minded people in fellowship and connection during the week, please contact Nick on 0417472474 to register your interest.
1. Do you have a financial testimony that you can share with your group?
2. What do you believe are the priorities of the culture of the world in regard to money and possessions?
3. What do you think the priorities of God’s Kingdom might be in regard to money and possessions?
4. How should these priorities shape the way in which we earn, give, save, own and spend?
5. What is the area where you would like to see the greatest growth in being a faithful steward of your money and possessions?

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