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Defining Moments
God uses the defining moments of our lives to remind us that He is committed to bringing to reality everything He has promised for our lives. The Outlet Community Church (Atlanta, GA) exists to empower, equip, develop, and deploy people to live authentically.
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  • The Outlet Atlanta Campus
    545 Hill St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

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Pastor Vince Thomas, Jr.
Defining Moments
Romans 8:28 (NKJV)
Key Words in Romans 8:28

Know - oida- knowledge that comes from reflection. This type of knowledge stays with someone in whatever stage or season they are in currently.

All things work together- every moment works in collaboration

Good - value added (Seasons shape values)

Love - agapao- response to God’s Love

Purpose - greater reason than what the human mind can comprehend. Through His purpose He is revealed in our lives — His glory!
Defining Moments are:
- the point at which the essential character or nature of a person or group is revealed or identified
- often gift wrapped in disappointments, setbacks and rejection
- Able to shape our perceptions and influence our behaviors
#DefiningMoments start with a promise, developed through a process, highlighted through promotion, (in every season) confirmed by God’s provision, to reveal His purpose. #theoutletcc
STORY OF JOSEPH (Genesis 37, 39-42, 50)

Joseph's Dream (Genesis 37:5,9)

The purpose of Joseph's two dreams:
v7 - dream to save nations from physical famine
v9- dream to save Israel from spiritual extinction

- His brothers sell him into slavery to Midianites (Genesis 37:28)
- Midianites sell him to Potiphar in Egypt (Genesis 37:36)
- Potiphar entrusts Joseph to manage his entire household (Genesis 39:2-3)
- Joseph was called successful before the end of his story. (39:2)
- Potiphar’ s wife accuses Joseph of coming on to her and has him thrown in jail (39:20-21)
- The Lord showed him his faithful love (Gen. 39:21)
- In jail Joseph meets the king’s cup bearer and royal baker and interprets their dreams (Gen. 40:4-18)
- The cupbearer remembers Joseph.....2 years later! (Gen. 41:9)

- Pharoah made Joseph 2nd in command to only him (Gen. 41:40)
- Changed his name Zaphenath-peneah (41:45)

He marries and has two children—Manasseh (meaning ‘Forget’) and Ephraim (meaning ‘Twice Fruitful’). He feels that God has helped him forget his troubles and flourish in spite of them.
Reflection + Discussion

Do you live life with any regrets? Why or Why Not?

How has your value system progressed/regressed over the years?

What is one thing that you thought was important that you now see something else should take that place?

How can you practice looking for "God-moments" throughout your day?

Pastoral Installation - Sunday, August 5th @ 10am

21 Days of Prayer (Monday, August 6th-August 26th)

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The Outlet Community Gatherings

The Outlet Community Gathers every Sunday at 10am. Preschool and Elementary Ministry will also be provided. Middle and High School Ministry will begin in June 2018. Gatherings will be held at Martin Luther King Middle School (545 Hill St. SE Atlanta, GA 30312)

In The Word With Friends

We want to personally invite you to join us for a week journey of growth and refreshing. We are currently in a Reading Plan in the YouVersion Bible app and I would love to stay connected with each of you so we can hold each other accountable and get our Word time in each day. Click the link let us know you are reading or you can read at your own leisure using the plan below.

FB Live with Vince and Ashley Returns Tuesday, August 7th @8:00pm

Join Vince & Ashley Thomas (Lead Pastors of The Outlet Community) Tuesday, August 7th on FB Live for a life-giving conversation on Authentic Relationships. We want to hear from you! Send any topics, questions, or ideas to