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Life without God in Eternity
Mark 9:43-48
Will you spend eternity in hell? Jesus warns us 3 times about hell.
People who reject Jesus will spend eternity separated from God
What does Jesus tell us about life without God in eternity?

I. What does Jesus tells us about hell?
Matthew 25:41
A. Hell is a prepared place.
B. Hell is an everlasting place.
C. Hell is a place of separation.
D. Hell is a place of never-ending punishment.

II. What will people experience in hell?
A. Endless confinement and endless despair.
B. Strange companionships and strange realities.
C. Taunting memory and conscious suffering.

III. Why does Jesus warn us about hell?
A. Jesus loves you.
B. Jesus has provided a remedy for your problem.
C. Jesus offers you eternal life.