Life Bridge Christian Church
Psalms Week 8: Glowing People and the Kingdom of God
Sunday Service 10/18/2020
Locations & Times
  • Life Bridge Christian Church
    2496 Glendale Ave, Green Bay, WI 54313, USA
    Saturday 9:00 AM
Description: As politics increasingly dominate the news and our daily life, Christians are in a position where we must ask: "How do we think rightly about politics and our place in the world?" We'll turn to Psalm 48 for some poetic wisdom that will help us reflect on what it means to live for the city of God while also living in the cities of men. Not only that, but we'll discover together more about God's calling for us to be glowing people for Christ!
1. We dwell in the cities of men while living as citizens of the city of God.
The city of God:

- Exists among the cities of men
- Sits above the cities of men
- Brings joy and blessing to the earth
- Is where God's presence dwells
- Is full of the strength and praise of the Lord
- Is open and available to all people
- Lasts forever
Our tension: we live IN the cities of men while living FOR the city of God.
2. The Kings of earth rebel against God by opposing His people
Kingdoms come and go, but the city of God is established forever
3. Love is the strength of the city of God
"If anyone wants to understand the might of this city, let him understand the force of love. That is a virtue which none can conquer. Love's flame cannot be extinguished by any waves of the world or streams of temptation. Of this it is said, 'love is as strong as death.' For just as death cannot be resisted by whatever arts or medicines you meet it with when it comes, and the violence of death cannot be avoided by any mortal human; so against the violence of love the world can do nothing. For it is like death but contrary to its power; as death is most violent to take away, so love is most violent to save." (Paraphrase of Augustine of Hippo)
4. The City of God is full of GLOWING people
"In the 20th century (generally speaking), Protestant Christians set out to make America Christian and ended up making Christianity American." - Stanley Hauerwas
The power of the city of God lies not in its political power but in its LOVE.
The recipe for changing the world is the cross of Jesus Christ
"How do Christians fit into the Republican or Democratic Party? They don't." - Timothy Keller
5. Remember which city you belong to!
Our options for engaging politics:

- Escape and ignore

- Divide and conquer

- Participate and transform
Don't let politics keep you from glowing!
ONE BIG THING: Let your life glow with the love and light of Jesus!

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