Trinity Church
D-Up: Intensifying our Discipleship Efforts - October 18
Following Jesus is not just an invitation to have our sins forgiven and to go to heaven when we die. It’s an invitation for something much more.
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  • Trinity Church
    3355 Dunckel Rd, Lansing, MI 48911, USA
    Sunday 9:15 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM

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Learning Objectives:
After this message, you should be able to:

• Understand the necessary shifts that need to happen if we are going to understand discipleship better

• Understand and reproduce “The Big Story”
From Decision to Transformation

From Individual to Community

From Afterlife to Mission Life
The Big Story

· An Ache for a Better World

· Designed for Good

· Join His Mission

· Join His Community

· Join His Life

· Have you ever thought like the woman who approached her pastor who said: I want to be a Christian, but I don’t want to be a disciple?

· Pastor Marvin named three shifts that need to take place that will help us view following Jesus a lot differently. Which shift impacted you the most? Why?

· How deep is your ache for a better world? Describe that ache to your Group.

· God designed the world for good. What signs or residue of good do you still see in our world?

· The good world God made was damaged by evil. From where did the evil begin? How did you rebel against God and contribute to the evil in your life and the world?

· Jesus’ death and resurrection are the acts God used to restore the world and our lives for better. Have confessed your sins, surrendered your agenda, and started following Jesus? Have you received Jesus’
invitation to enter into the big story?

· Have you joined His mission to help others find Jesus? If not, why not?

· Have you joined His community/family, the church?

· What does joining His life look like each day for you?

· Ask your Group members to hold you accountable to be a better follower of Jesus.

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