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We all want to be "good" people; good parents, good friends, good husbands and wives, good citizens. But what does it really mean to be "good"...and how do we get there? Join us for a life-changing study of the book of Titus and find God's heart for the good life.
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Mission Hills is a church family—a family who wants to extend to you the same love, hope, and joy that we have received. We know that we cannot be all things to all people. But we do want to be one thing to all people. We want to be the place where anyone, of any age, of any level of spiritual maturity, of any economic class, of any ethnicity, of any church background—or no church background—can meet God in a way that transforms their life…forever!

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What comes to mind when you think of the “good life”?
Almost anything we can get for ourselves can also be taken away from us.
"Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ..." (Tit 1:1a)
Never give someone a position of leadership if they don’t have the posture of a servant.
1. God is completely in control.
2. Salvation depends completely on God’s work, not ours.
3. We are responsible for all the decisions we make.
4. God will never say “no” to anyone who says “yes” to following Jesus.
1. The good life is the godly life.
2. The good life is all about giving good to others.

The world says the good life is all about getting good for ourselves,
but God says that the good life is all about giving good to others.
God always intended us to have a good life filled with joy, peace, meaning and significance.
In the absence of what’s real, we settle for what’s ridiculous.
Our confidence in the good life that’s coming enables us to live the good life now.
The good life is a missional life, focused on giving good to others.
1. Where do I probably need to change some of my thinking about what the “good life” is?
2. What’s something I can start doing to live a more missional life?
3. Do I have the hope of eternal life that makes the good life possible now?