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    4091 Van Slyke Rd, Flint, MI 48507, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Welcome to South and this Live YouVersion Event. Today we will be in part 2 of a series entitled "Christianity and Politics" - we hope that you will enjoy the notes and Scriptures below, to supplement Pastor Scott's message!

You won't hear many sermons preached on politics. And you won't be encouraged to vote any certain way in this series, either. We're going to emphasize that the goal of maintaining the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace within the body of Christ, while (presumably) disagreeing politically.
We're the Light of the World

But what is the light we are shining? We are to reflect the glory of God, to the world. We don't actually have any light in us. How can we reflect God's glory? By doing good works.

1) We value every life.
2) We value the marriage relationship, as God has designed it.
We are Children of God

But because Christ paid the price which our sins demand and deserve, our relationship with God has drastically changed, making us his child. We should never lose our awe, amazement, and thankfulness for such a reality. Neither should we lose sight of the incredible PRIVILEGE that is ours as a result of being adopted by God.

We can have communion with God! He's our Father, and we have access to Him any time!
What might be profitable?

Prayer. Prayer is profitable.

-> Our country - because boy does it need it, and nothing that happens on November 4 is going to change the brokenness of this nation - only God can do that.

-> Our President - regardless of who he is and what we think about him, as far as the two candidates go for this election, I believe that they both desperately need the message of the gospel and for their souls to be transformed by the power of Christ.

-> Our Vice-President, our Governor, for our Senators, for our Representatives, for our Legislators - again, we need to pray for God to be working in their lives, changing them with the power of the gospel.

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