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Micah Week 2: Micah's First Oracle 1:2-2:13
How does the Gospel (aka "Good News") make itself known in a book that talks about God's judgement? The small prophetical book of Micah in the Old Testament helps us understand how God can be a God of justice, and a God of mercy all at the same time. Join us in person at 9:15 or 11am or on Facebook live or YouTube at 11am.
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Mountains were a common element in biblical imagery to represent unmovable forces that give way to God's awesome power!
2. The Reason For God's Judgement
4. The Indictment of Specific Cities

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David Guzik's Commentary on Micah

For an interesting summary of the word play used by Micah in 1:10-16 check out the commentary below.
6. The Proclamation of Judgement
7. The Evil Preachers (Prophets)
8. The Promised Hope of a Shepherd

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Discussion Questions
In a Growth Group, or with friends around the table or in the car, use these questions to help apply the sermon to life and take your next steps toward Jesus!
1. If you were to envision God coming down to visit people right now, how would you imagine that?
2. In what ways would our country today be judged for “idolatry?”
3. When we see people experience God’s judgement (or people we consider to be “bad” experiencing bad things) what is our attitude towards them? What was Micah’s response?
4. In what ways do the “powerful” oppress the “powerless” in our culture?
5. Micah 2:11 says: If a man should go about and utter wind and lies, saying, “I will preach to you of wine and strong drink,” he would be the preacher for this people! Is this accurately applied to some preachers today?
6. While the promise of a future shepherd to rescue the people of God is promising, what responsibilities does this metaphor put on them?
7. It’s easy to see Jesus, meek & mild as the Good Shepherd (Micah 2:12-13), but is there anything else in His life and ministry that connects Him to the God of Micah 1:2-4?