The Vine Church
The Journey | Week 3 | October 18, 2020
Locations & Times
  • The Vine Church |
    1897 GA Hwy 211, Hoschton, GA 30548, USA
    Sunday 9:15 AM
Teaching Notes
As followers of Jesus our job is to turn the world __________ __________

An _______ is anything that we focus on more than ___________

Paul’s position was always to __________ people to _____________
Reflection Questions
1. What is your favorite memory from a family trip?
2. What are some ways that you can turn the world upside down this week?
3. What idols do you need to remove from your life so you can focus more on Jesus?
4. Why is it so challenging to point people to Jesus in our world today?
5. How would our world be different if Christians focused more on Jesus?How would your life be different if you focused more on Jesus?