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How Big Is Your God?
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In this world you will have problems, troubles, trials, pressure, obstacles and challenges.

We all face problems and challenges in life. Some problems are like small speed humps that just slow us down a little. Some are like big obstacles that stop us in our tracks.

Jesus warned his followers that their lives in this world wouldn’t be free from troubles.

What problems are you currently facing in your own life? Do they seem big or small?

Sometimes our problems seem so big we can’t see God anymore.
Problems in the Promised Land

God had promised the land of Canaan to his people Israel. 12 spies from Israel were sent into Canaan to explore the land. All twelve of the spies reported back that the land was fantastic.

However, ten of the spies also reported that there was a problem, the people there were too strong for them, compared to them God’s people were like grasshoppers.

Two of the spies, Joshua and Caleb, saw the same thing in the promised land as the other ten spies but they didn’t let that blind their eyes to how big their God is.

Often the problems and troubles in our lives seem bigger than God. Which is bigger in your life?
Our Position Determines our Perspective

Joshua’s story highlights a basic fact of how vision works. Whatever we position ourselves closest to will appear bigger.

It is all a matter of perspective.

Throughout his life, Joshua positioned himself close to God’s presence.

What are you standing closest to?
Jesus has overcome the world

Jesus warned his followers that in this world they would have problems, but he also said that he had overcome the world.

Jesus is bigger, better, stronger and faster than every single problem we will ever face in this life.

When our problems seem so big that we can’t see God, if we take a step back from them we will see that God is always bigger than our problems.

Are you ready to shift your perspective and take another look?