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070818 | The Threshold of Authority | Todd Goodwin
The life that God has destined for us as His children to live is within our grasp. However, most American Christians are frustrated in their journey because they know there is more but can't seem to step into all God has for them. That would be the threshold of Authority. If we take that step over the threshold into the authority and power God has given us our lives will truly never be the same.
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In order to step over the threshold and into the authority and power God has destined for each of His children here are a few observations that we need to pay attention to.
A. POSITIONAL AUTHORITY (Entry level of authority)
1. It is authority based on the position you are in or have been given. Your power and authority are limited based on how you see God and how you see yourself.
2. Position will advance a person but it can never make or define the person.
3. Positional authority will lend itself to pride and arrogance.
B. CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY (Middle of the road | Playing it safe)
1. Legal, in accordance with the rules. Most Christian live most of their life at the level of authority and most are happy with it.
2. Story: Two men and the Chauffeur job. (One was willing to venture beyond the norm whereas the other one only wanted to play it safe, risk nothing.)
”Be reckless immediately—totally unrestrained and willing to risk everything—by casting your all upon Him.”
3. Constitutional authority keeps us safe within the boundaries
“Jesus didn’t die to keep us safe. He died to make us dangerous.”
--Mark Batterson (Pastor of National Community Church)
C. RELATIONAL AUTHORITY (Highest form of authority)
1. It’s all in who you know and who knows you
2. Law of leadership: You must give up in order to go up
3. Why people listen: It’s all about relationship.
a. People listen because of who you know. RELATIONSHIPS
b. People listen because of what you have suffered. SACRIFICE
c. People listen because of what you know. INSIGHT
d. People listen because of what you have achieved. EXPERIENCE
e. People listen because of what you are able to do. ABILITIES
f. People listen because of what you sense. INTUITION
g. People listen because of your integrity. CHARACTER
h. People listen because of your heart. HUMILITY
i. People listen because you identify with their needs. RELEVANCE
j. People listen because of your passion. CONVICTION
A. One: You are either submitted or not
1. No part-time servants
2. You don’t get to choose when, where and who you serve!
“You cannot imitate the disposition of Jesus; it is either there or it is not.” Oswald Chambers

B. It is my life! I am the master and commander of my own life!
C. Submission is the main weapon in our arsenal when it comes to the kingdom of darkness.
Satan is not afraid of us preaching the words of Christ he is afraid of us submitting to the authority of Christ.
Watchman Née
A. Authority equals privilege.
1. It equals responsibility and joy.
2. Rights Versus Responsibilities
3. When Christians fail to live as a servant, inevitably they become self-serving.
B. If you have power you have authority.
1. People have power to do whatever they want but it doesn’t mean they have the authority to.
2. Adam and Eve had the power to eat from any tree in the garden even the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil but they didn’t have the authority to eat from that tree and in so doing they allowed Satan to kidnap mankind.
C. Authority is earned
1. Authority is not earned but given
2. If Authority is earned then it has something to do with our performance
3. More Authority is given the deeper the relationship grows
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