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God’s Still Working
These are sermon notes for our morning service on July 8, 2018.
Locations & Times
  • First Baptist Church of Westwood Lake
    5801 SW 120th Ave, Miami, FL 33183, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
Vacation Bible School
Every Wednesday
Get excited and bring a friend because there is a great prize for the child that brings the most visitors! All children 5 years and older please meet in room 1112 at 7:00 PM.
The Wilds
July 15-21
Please pray for our teens as they attend The Wilds summer camp for a week in North Carolina.
Deacon Nominations
Three men are needed to fill the role of deacon (two will serve for 3 years and one will serve for 1 year). Prayerfully consider the Scriptural qualifications found in I Timothy 3:8-13 (a list of qualifications are on the back table) and submit your nominations in the box at the Welcome Center.
Jewish Outreach Team
Please continue to pray for the young ladies that are ministering among the Jewish neighborhoods this summer. If you would like to provide a meal, grocery gift card or non-perishable items to assist theses young ladies please stop by the table.
Men's Prayer Breakfast
Saturday, July 21 at 7:30 AM
Men and boys will meet at McDonalds (9341 SW 56) purchase their breakfast and take it then go upstairs for fellowship, devotions and prayer.

Prison Ministry Opportunity

Men volunteers are needed to minister at the Everglades Correctional Center on Tuesday evenings (5:30 – 8:00). Please apply at the link below. Contact Mac McKinney for more info.
William James said: "The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it."
- Peter preached the gospel and 3,000 were born again into a relationship with God
- Next Sunday they preached the gospel again and 5,000 men were born again
- The new church was introduced, and within 6 months the number of believers had grown to over 100,000
- The gospel spread within 40 years to every corner of the known world. We don’t expect God to do something like that today.
Four characteristics to be mightily used by God:
I. Faith that Produced Obedience
- The disciples trusted God and did what God said. They simply listened to the voice of God and did what God said.
- They were commanded not to leave Jerusalem and wait.
- Jesus said: "Here’s the plan: we are going to start right here in Jerusalem."
- This tells us a lot: they didn’t make their decisions based on their feelings.
- What Jesus said didn’t make sense.
- Waiting reminds us that God is in control.
- These believers had a faith that produced obedience.
II. Passion that Produced Unity
This is literally translated 'one heart, one passion.' It’s a musical term that means to strike the same notes together. When the early church prayed, there were no 'wrong notes.'
- This says that every person in this fellowship had wrapped their hearts around one thing.
- In verse 3 we see the Kingdom of God, and that Jesus had 40 days left on earth.
- "If you forget everything else I have taught you in these past 3 years"
- "Don’t forget this, the Kingdom of God"
- We need the passion of wrapping our hearts around the Kingdom of God.
III. Desperation that Produced Prayer
We fail to see what is important. Jesus in verse 8 just said "Here’s the plan: we are going to start in Jerusalem, where they hate us, then we are going to Samaria where we hate them, then to the remotest parts of the world." After that Jesus started floating, and he was gone.
- What just happened: in verse 10 the disciples are gazing at Jesus' disappearance.
- In verse 11 Jesus ascends and two angels descend, telling them to move on. Why stand here looking at the sky? They were changed with these words. What did they do? They returned back to Jerusalem, got down on their faces before God, and in a sense of desperation begged God to move,
Vance Havener: "Tragedy of the hour is the situation is desperate, but God is not."
IV. Spirit that Produced Power
- As followers of Christ, we can have power, but it is power of a different kind. Jesus had taught the disciples about the Kingdom of God.
- Definition: miraculous power, force and might
- The energy of God is always on the move and is always working.
- God’s energy is on the move and doing a work in our lives.
- It is the energy of God that is doing the work in us.

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