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I'm In: I'm Invested
Principles guide everything. Whether you like them or not, agree totally with them or not, want to abide by them or not, you cannot change them. “Your interest follows your investment” is a principle. A Biblical principle, but a practical one too. If you spend money, time, energy, effort on something, you’re invested. To say that I am interested in God’s work, in His plan, in His purpose for my life, but then to invest my life everywhere else is an attempt to break the basic principle. It won’t work. Obey the principle. Work with it. If you want Godly things, if you desire to be close to God and be used of God—your heart needs to be there. Your heart will follow your investments.
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  • St Marks Church PE
    447 Cape Rd, Westering, Port Elizabeth, 6025, South Africa
    Sunday 9:30 AM
  • Church Online
    Sunday 9:00 AM
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You have a purpose. You have a passion. Are you ready to chase it?

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I'm In
Four truths about who you are in Christ!

• I’m invited—to God’s family
• I’m invaluable—to God’s work
• I’m influential—for God’s glory
• I’m invested—in God’s church
Investment is not an expense. An investment comes from a place of privilege – you have and are able to give.

Investment requires wisdom.

Use what you have to make a difference.
In God’s economy, motive trumps quantity every time!

The principle of giving and prioritising is what God honours.

You give from what you have.
Your investments reveal your priorities more than anything else.

Big question is what are you invested in?
You’re interested in the things you invest in!

Your investment in God’s work is also a demonstration of faith.

1. Invest your TIME
2. Invest your TREASURE
3. Invest your TALENT
God’s Principle: Pour, don’t store.
Two different mindsets: Scarcity vs. Abundance.

We have been created to pour not store.
What you keep is all you have. What you give, God multiplies.
When you give to the work of God, it is an eternal investment!
1. Can you trust the Lord with your needs?
2. Can God provide for all your needs?
We’ve just discovered the point of collision between our faith and our doubt... The very place that our trust intersects with God’s character.
God has already provided for your needs! For your entire life!
So the doubt is not in God’s provision, the doubt is fuelled by our selfishness and greed. The opposite is godly and generous.

It is more blessed to give than it is to receive.
Lord, let me be a conduit of Your blessings, not just a recipient.

Let me give in faith, that others may receive.

I trust You to be my Provider.

I will give of my time, my treasure and my talent, because I want my heart to be with you!

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