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Ancient Glory - Amazing Grace: “Salvation Certainty” Hebrews 6
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Foundational truths for the study of the book of Hebrews
· Influence- the Hebrew or Jewish heritage of the Bible is profound and pervasive.
· Incarnation- When God became a human being, he did so as a Jew.
· Inheritance- We inherit this rich Hebrew heritage by faith and addition through Jesus Christ.
· Insight- The Hebrew hermeneutic or perspective unlocks priceless insights into an intimate relationship with God
One Salvation Desire:
· Salvation Certainty

Six Salvation images:
· The Foundation (v.1)
· The Crucifixion (v.6)
· The Land (v.7-8)
· The Oath (v.17)
· The Anchor (v.19a)
· The Curtain (v.19b)

Six Salvation messages:
· The foundation represents the power of God (v.1-2)
· The crucifixion represents the love of God (v.4-6)
· The land represents the favor of God (v.7-8)
· The oath represents the faithfulness of God (v.13-18)
· The anchor represents the peace of God (v.19a)
· The curtain represents the presence of God (v.19b-20)

Two salvation questions:
· Are you saved?
· Are you satisfied?
Benediction Blessing from Hebrews 6
May your life be built on the unshakable foundation of faith
in Jesus Christ;
May your heart be ever humbled by the sacrifice Jesus made
for you on the cross;
May your life produce spiritual fruit as land that is richly
cultivated for harvest;
May your heart find rest in the oath of God’s guaranteed
faithfulness to you;
May the truths of God’s Word be an anchor for your soul
in the storms of life;
And may you learn to live your life inside the curtain
in unbroken intimacy with God.