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Peace No Matter What - Serve Others
As brothers and sisters in the Lord we are to help each other grow in the grace of God. To be in the position of serving others in this manner, one first must be at peace with themselves.
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The FIRST person you must be at peace with is yourself. It is impossible to know peace if you PRETEND to have it when you don’t.
Peace is possible when you remain TROUBLED by sin.
The purpose of self-judgment is to prepare you to SERVE others and help them grow in grace.
Some WRONG ways to address splinters:
1. Tell a person that you noticed a fault in them that they should take care of.
2. Tell a friend about another person's "splinter" and have them talk to that person.
3. Avoid any confrontation and say nothing about it, but in your heart judge the
person as being unspiritual or carnal.
Be aware of the deception of a SHALLOW examination.
Be aware of performing a PERPETUAL autopsy.
For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down. Revelation 12:10b
Be aware of the reticular activating system in your BRAIN.
Be aware of personal OPINIONS replacing godly evaluations.
Peace no matter what is a package deal!
1. Identity =
2. Living for =
3. Enjoy =
4. Fully =
5. Serve Others
1. How do you typically react to the splinter you see in your brother or sisters’ eye?
Is your approach biblical?
2. Have you ever considered that a way to serve others is to point out their faults? Why or why not?
3. Which of the 3 wrongs ways to address splinters is most typical of you? Which of the 4 “be aware” statements are the most critical to adhere to? Why?
4. Explain how you will most likely apply this sermon to your life.
5. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads for you to receive all that Matthew 7:1-6 implies for your life.
Psalm 66:18, Psalm 38:18, Psalm 139:23-24
2 Samuel 12:1-13, Esther 3:1-6
Romans 12:18, James 1:22-25, James 4:17, Revelation 12:10