Life Bridge Christian Church
Psalms Week 7: Praise from Womb to Tomb
Sunday Service 10/11/2020
Locations & Times
  • Life Bridge Christian Church
    2496 Glendale Ave, Green Bay, WI 54313, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
Description: We all can benefit from having a veteran voice in our life; someone who's been around the block, and has wisdom to share about the things we go through. Psalm 71 comes from the perspective of someone advanced in age, looking back at their life and reflecting on lessons learned. These insights about life and about God's faithful love are worth listening to. Above all, this author wants all those who come after him to discover the beauty and power of walking faithfully with God through all of life's seasons. He invites us to hear his story and make it our own: a story of living for God's praise from womb to tomb.
Experience is a valuable source of wisdom in times of adversity
1. Hardship is a school to learn from
Veteran wisdom from the school of hard knocks

- Everything can change with a WORD from the LORD

- Learn to lean

- Make investments in your faith NOW that will pay off in the long term
2. God has a PURPOSE for us at every age
There is no stage of life when you cannot meaningfully serve the Lord
The Generational Mandate: Each generation of the Church is responsible for successfully communicating the Gospel to the next generation and discipling them in the teachings of Jesus.
Don't spend your life working for a watch in a workplace where you're replaceable. Work for a crown that is eternal.
Breaking generational barriers to generational transmission involves:

1. Releasing cultural tastes and preferences

2. Creating access to meaningful community

3. Committing to mentoring

3. God's care is consistent in every season of life

Evidence of God's care:

- God has been there

- God has redeemed
4. God's people should be UNITED in praise from womb to tomb!
We are never stronger than when we are united together, and what unites us together is PRAISE!
ONE BIG THING: From WOMB to TOMB God is WORTHY of our praise!

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