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Hard Questions—Part 2
What is the purpose of life? Why does God allow suffering? Should Christians be involved in politics? How can we find truth in this world? When we face important questions in life, where can we turn? Regardless of our perspective on tough subjects, the Bible can provide us with the insight and guidance we all need. Tune in for the series, Hard Questions, as we explore some of the difficult and uncomfortable topics that arise in today’s world. We’ll discover how a book that was written almost 2,000 years ago can still provide relevant and topical answers.
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My Defense, Endlessly, Revelation Song, Living Hope
Hard Questions—Part 2
[Ben Biles]
Quotes from parents lying to their kids:
“Me: I try really hard not to lie to my kids. Also me: We can’t go to Disney World, it’s locked”

"I’ve convinced my kids that they won’t like Oreos because they’re too spicy…"

"My 5 year old hasn’t said a word in the car after I convinced him that the volume control on our stereo ejects his car seat."
Can we really know the truth about...
• Family
• Friends
• Marriage
• Culture
• Love
• Politics
• Work
Today's Takeaway | God is our source of Truth
How God has revealed His truth:
• Through His written word

He would be sold for 30 pieces of silver
• Zechariah 11:12
• Matthew 26:15
His hands and feet would be pierced
• Psalm 22:15
• Luke 23:33
He would be crucified with thieves
• Isaiah 53:12
• Matthew 27:38
His garments were parted and lots cast for them
• Psalm 22:18
• John 19:23-24
Not one of his bones would be broken
• Exodus 12:46
• John 19:33
He would be buried in a wealthy man’s tomb
• Isaiah 53:9
• Matthew 27:57-60
How God has revealed His truth:
• Through His written Word
• Through His living Word
“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”
―Ernest Hemingway

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