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To Every Tribe And Nation
Part VII of our series 'To The Ends Of The Earth'
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Same-same, or different?

How do we respond to people who are radically different?
But Jesus was Jewish, right?

And he was the fulfilment of the Jewish hope for a Messiah.

The early church saw themselves as a faithful movement within the Jewish faith, however the book of Acts tells us that there were many Gentiles who began to believe in Jesus.

Gentiles were by definition outsiders, other, separate from the Jews. This was a problem for the early church, how could outsiders be welcomed in?
The Solution (according to man)

Some amongst the church believed that the solution was for Gentile believers to become Jewish. They needed to adopt the laws, customs and values of cultural Judaism in order to be considered a Christian.

That is, to belong within the church outsiders must first become insiders.

Does the church at large ever act that way today?

Do we as the local church?

Do you?
The actual solution (according to God)

Is to be a new people, one together in Christ Jesus.

God demonstrated that he makes no distinction between Jew and Gentile in giving them the Holy Spirit in the same way.

Salvation is by grace, through faith in Jesus. Not through embracing a particular set of rules or cultural practices.

If God makes no distinction, why should the church? And why should you?
God is calling you out

God’s desire is to welcome the different, the others, and the outsiders, as his own.

For the early Jewish church this was a challenge. It remains a challenge for the church today.

What does it look like for the church to embrace outsiders?

How revolutionary is your love?

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