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Our God-given mission and Core Values here at Journey are best experienced when we choose to intentionally pursue "Authentic Community Life".
The metaphor of "family" dominates the New Testament in defining the followers of Jesus as a community.
Big Idea:
In the kingdom of God, the spiritual family is God's design for revelation and application of Authentic Community Life.

Three things that were true of families in Jesus' time:

The group comes first: In the social world of the early Christians the survival and health of the group took priority over the needs and desires of the individual.
It’s all about family: The extended (patrilineal) family system was the group to which persons in Mediterranean antiquity expressed primary relational allegiance.
I am my brother’s keeper: The closest same generation family bond in the New Testament world was the bond between consanguine siblings.
We reveal devotion and commitment to one another as we engage in “family life”—gathering, caring, laughing, weeping, worshiping, and serving.

>>> We grow in and through our interaction with one another.
ACTS 2:42-47 paints a clear picture of how the early community of Jesus' followers grew:
Because we are family, we take time to know one another.
We spend time together outside of scheduled meetings.

>>> God places us in His spiritual family.

The gospel doesn’t just save us as individuals or for individualistic purposes. The gospel saves us and places us into a family.