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  • Sunday 10:30 AM

Intelligent Love - A Prayer

Paul's intense longing because of Christ's affection for Paul's friends in Philippi

Paul's prayer that his friends would experience, express and overflow with Christ's love
Intelligent Love:
This Love is wide awake, aware and perceptive
This Love is deep and wide and discerning
This Love is careful not to stumble or harm or turn away anyone
This Love can only be produced by Christ's presence in our lives and our submission to him

Our Love re-presents God's Love and draws people to Christ
Case Study: two brothers who disagree but who will not disconnect
This community will disappoint you. It's a matter of When, not If. We will let you down, somebody will say something stupid or insensitive and offend you. I want to invite you, while you are still on this side of your inevitable disappointment, to decide if you'll stick around after it happens. If you choose to leave when we don't meet your expectations, you won't get to see how the grace of God can come in and fill up the holes left by our community's failure, and that's too beautiful and real to miss. We don't mean to fail, but we will. We will disappoint you. But God does not intend to leave us there in our pain and alienation but will find us and reconcile us and heal us and make us stronger. Welcome to the House for All of Us --- for All Sinners and Saints --- which we all are.
Questions for Reflection and Discussion:
1. When you realize that Christ expresses his Love through you to other people ... how does that recognition challenge you and energize you?
2. Do you believe it is possible for people to disagree vehemently about an idea(s) and yet become/remain great friends because of their connection to Christ and love for each other?
3. What relationship do you need to repair due to a damaging disagreement? How can it be restored? Go for it, guided and powered by God's Word.
4. How does taking God's guidance and following Christ's example prepare you for your next argument, your next conflict?

A prayer based on Philippians 1:8-11

Pray along with Philippians 1:8-11 for yourself and for others.

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