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Deeper Season 3 Episode 11: How Secret Is the “Secret” Rapture?
Join us as Pastor Joseph Salajan continues Season 3 of Deeper. Deep study into the book of Matthew
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  • Plantation SDA Church
    400 NW 118th Ave, Plantation, FL 33325, USA
    Wednesday 7:30 PM
Deeper Theme: The story of Noah and the Flood shows that for those that are watching "at all times" Jesus’ coming will be no surprise, and definitely no secret
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Did Jesus know the day and hour of His coming?

"But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. (Mk. 13:32 NKJ)
Does that mean that to this day Jesus doesn’t know the day and hour of His coming?

God is omniscient
Jesus is God
Jesus is omniscient
How is it that they “did not know” what was going to happen until the flood came?
ginosko (gr.): to come to know, to recognize, to perceive, to understand
Noah preached; the ark was built; the animals came; the door was closed…
So, who will be taken, and who will be left?

The illustration of the flood: who was taken and who was left?
“did not knowuntil the flood came andtook them all away…(v. 38)
Did the “taking away” at the flood happen secretly?

Not really!
Surprising, but not secret!
Will the Son of Man come “as a thief” for everybody?
Everybody, except those that are watching at all times
See 1Thess. 5:2-4
Take Away

• Jesus will come as a surprise, but not in secret!

Those that are watching at all times will not even be surprised…