Corner Church • June 17th • DEALING WITH SIN
Dealing With Sin
Locations & Times
  • Corner Coffee In The North Loop
    514 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA
    Sunday 8:45 AM, Sunday 10:00 AM, Sunday 11:15 AM
  • Corner Coffee in Uptown
    1414 W 28th St, Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
  • Corner Coffee in Camden
    4155 N Thomas Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55412, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

Corner Church

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MISSIONS: Randy and Linda Lindsey, missionaries to deaf children in Mexico.
COMMUNITY: People who are alone or isolated and don't have many connections with others.
CHURCH: Continuing to be good stewards of our resources as we think about future locations.
First Dialogue Question:

When have you lost something of great value in your life? Did you find it again? What did it feel like to recover this lost thing?
Second Dialogue Question

Share about a time you had to confront someone. What did you feel? Did it end well?
Third Dialogue Question

Who are your “brothers & sisters"?
Fourth Dialogue Question

What is meant by “treat them as pagan and tax collectors"?
Fifth Dialogue Question

What kinds of people did Jesus call to be his disciples?
Final Dialogue Question

Where do you need reconciliation? What is your part to play?

Take It Deeper Questions

Read Colossians 3:12-14
What is reconciliation between people supposed to look like?
How often do you experience “Minnesota Nice”? Why do Minnesotans struggle with confrontation?
What is the significance of “if your brother or sister sins?”
Even if someone doesn’t admit their hurt against you, how many times should you forgive them?
What does forgiveness look like in the midst of extreme hurt?