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Sermon notes for weekend worship services June 14 & 17, 2018
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...going into exile.
~ How did we end up here?
~ Is there any hope of going home?

Faithfulness to God yields a consequence of God’s blessing.
Disobedience brings a consequence of exile (absence of God’s blessing).
“Nobody gets through a broken world unbroken.”
~ Ed Stetzer
Everything we do has a consequence.
We frequently focus on the negative consequences more than the positives. We fear failure. Many of us live to overthink everything.
God calls us to be courageous and trust HIm in faith -- especially when He seems to be absent or invisible.
We need to choose to believe that no matter how horrible things get, God is committed to redeeming His good world and overcoming evil.
God will use consequences to grow your faith into something more than it was before.
God can change the world