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061018 | Who Am I? | Part 19 | Jacob Hickman
As Children of God we are His sons and daughters that are destined for greatness. Not greatness like the world see it, fame, fortune, power, prestige. All those are self-centered and egotistical thing to chase after. The greatness our Father has for us is so much greater than what we could ever image. We have a purpose for our life. That is why it is imperative to develop our relationship with our Father God so He can reveal it to us. Although we would like for Him to reveal it all at one time He won’t. It is a progressive revelation. He reveal more as we grow more. God has chosen to use people in this world to change this world. Why? Because God loves people. We are the apple of His eyes so to speak. He prizes us above all created things. We are not like animals, or trees, or the earth. We are much more valuable than that. God has done everything that He needs to do to set us up for greatness. Our job is to listen and obey. Yeah, easier said than done. That is why we must depend on and use the power of the Spirit of God living within us to be all He has destined for us to be
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I. Born with Purpose

A. I’m not an accident ~ 1 in 400 trillion?

1. Boy meeting girl: 1 in 20,000
2. Same boy having kids with same girl: 1 in 2,000
3. Right sperm meeting right egg: 1 in 400 quadrillion
4. Every one of your ancestors reproducing successfully 1 in 10^45,000
5. Right sperm/egg for each of your ancestors: 1 in 10^2,640,000

B. You being born: 1 in 10^2,685,000
C. Number of particles in the entire universe ~ 10^86

“you’re a walking miracle=> you’re not an accident=> you’re born with a purpose”
II. God Uses People

A. Every time God wants to do something in the earth, he sends a person.
B. For you to be saved and still say, “there’s nothing good in me,” is to deny.
everything that Jesus did.

C. Stop letting your ability to fail define you as a failure
D. He dealt with your past so you could become something new; He wanted to use
people, so He made you usable
III. Set Up for Greatness

A. Not the World’s definition of greatness
B. Where we see greatness

1. Serving, not being served
2. Individual, not crowds
3. Stewardship
4. Simple Trust
5. Celebrating the success of others

C. Biggest hindrance to greatness is not lack of ability, talent, or
leadership… it’s self-focus
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