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James Pt 1 - The Great Value of Trials (James 1:1-18)
Sermon Guide for June 3, 2018
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    Sunday 10:45 AM
How can I learn to face trials with joyful confidence in God?
VS 1-4: An Odd Perspective of Trials
James tells us to joyfully think of trials as opportunities to become increasingly steadfast or immovable in our faith.
Vs 5-8: God’s Promise to help us get there
We can be completely certain God will give us the wisdom to know how to live life even in the midst of a trial.
Vs 9-11: The Fortune of a Steadfast Heart
The steadfast person can handle poverty or wealth and not be moved from their joyful reliance on God.
Vs 12: The Now and Forever Hope of a Steadfast Heart
The steadfast heart is the person who knows they are living now and forever the eternal kind of life in God’s kingdom
Vs 13-16: Don’t get tripped up along the way
Remember, God isn’t tempted by evil and God doesn’t entice anyone to do evil.
Vs 17-18: Remembering the Constant Goodness of our Steadfast God
We can be absolutely certain that every good gift we get in life is directly from God. This is what God is like and we can be confident that he is the same now as He always has been.
This is a point where we have learned that God is absolutely faithful to meet our needs no matter what they are and we simply don’t have to fret or become anxious about them.
Soul Training Exercise:
Practice embracing trials with joy and trust in God.
Identify a trial or situation that is making it hard to trust and rest in God
Each time the trial begins to cause you to become anxious practice doing two things:
● Tell God thank you for the transformation that can happen through this trial
● Tell God you want to learn to trust Him to care for you and meet your needs through this specific trial and ask Him for the faith to do that.

Memorize Proverbs 3:5-6 and recite it to yourself often during the day or do it morning, noon and evening.

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