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Summer of Wisdom || June 3, 2018
Life is not an easy thing to master. And while there are many aspects of life that may remain a mystery, we can live a skillful life founded on wisdom and not luck. God’s word gives us some practical insights how to not just experience life, but to live life. Godly Wisdom brings skillfulness to living life.
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We want to bring faith to life by helping people belong through connection, become disciples, and build the Kingdom of God. No matter where you are at in your faith journey - familiar with faith, far from faith, or fallen from faith - we want you to know you belong here!

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Proverbs is a manual for living.
Wisdom helps us live skillful lives.

Want to talk it over and connect this message to your everyday life? Good, us to! Change happens when we apply what learn and share it within community. Answer these questions so you can share with your Connect Group or talk it over with a personal friend.

"Start Here." We all need a starting point. Sometimes life feels like one big mess and untangling it seems impossible. God gives a clear point at which to begin living a skillful life - we start with Him.

CONNECT IN CONVERSATION. [Conversation starters for your group.]
• If you could invent one tool in life, what would it be?
• Are you a “read the manual first” type person or do you skip past the manual and start building?

CONNECT TO THE WORD. [Read it and talk it out.]
• Read Proverbs 1:1-7. What does it say is the main point of the book of Proverbs?
• What can we deduce is God’s desire for us, being that He included a “manual for living” within the Bible?

CONNECT WITH OTHERS. [Questions that create openness.]
• What is one area of life you’d like to have more understanding or wisdom?
• When it comes to wisdom, why do you think there is such a big gap between understanding and application?
• Do you think it’s a bad thing to admit you don’t have understanding in an area of life?
Why might someone not want to admit they need help in an area of life?

Which one Of the following will you do this week?
• Read one chapter of Proverbs each day, writing one life-skill (wisdom) you will apply.
• Write down one area you need to make God-first.

God, wisdom starts with You and us deciding to put You first. Help us to surrender our lives in a way that allows You to speak wisdom in it. Forgive us for our arrogance and the pride we live with. Help us develop the skills to live life well. Amen.