New Beginnings Community Church
Worship at New Beginnings May 27, 2018
Core Value #2 - Unity
Locations & Times
  • New Beginnings Community Church
    75 Crosswind Dr, Richmond Hill, GA 31324, USA
    domingo 9:00 AM, domingo 11:00 AM
1. Unity has its ______ in Jesus Christ.
2. Unity displays itself through __________.
3. Unity is maintained through _________.
4. Unity is _________ only in the essentials.
5. Unity springs from a heart of _________.


At New Beginnings we have never "passed the plate"; however we do believe that giving is biblical and an integral part of our Christian journey.

Praises and Prayers

If you have a praise you would like to share or would like us to pray for you, please use the link to submit a praise or prayer request.