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Thrive | When Chaos Comes Calling
What does it mean to follow Jesus in a culture that thinks faith itself is irrelevant? And how do we live by faith in a culture that thinks the very question marks us as out-of-touch and out-of-step with the modern world? As fresh as this issue might feel right now, the truth is that God’s people have always faced this same dilemma. Join us as we find insight and encouragement for this all-important question from the book of Daniel.
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The second half of Daniel is mostly apocalyptic visions.
Apocalyptic literature isn’t supposed to weaken our knees, but strengthen our spines.
Apocalyptic is more for our hearts than our heads.
The more we seek precision, the more likely we are to miss God’s point.
This vision is what allowed Daniel to thrive in the midst of chaos.
What part of my life feels most chaotic right now?
Daniel has just seen Jesus. There are several reasons I say that:

// The phrase “like a son of man” says “human, but…” maybe more than human
// The fact that he came “on the clouds” suggests divinity. In the Old Testament, clouds were often associated with appearances of God.
// Then there’s the fact that Jesus used the phrase “son of man” to refer to himself. At certain points, he also borrowed some of this imagery from Daniel 7.
God is in control even when it seems like He isn’t.
Daniel was given a vision of the rise and fall of four human kingdoms: Babylon, Mede, Persia and Greece.
The fourth kingdom (Greece) was “different” because it came from the Western world rather than the Eastern world.
The ten horns were ten rulers that arose after Alexander the Great (Greek) died.
The little horn was Antiochus Epiphanes (“God manifest”).
The “time, times and half a time” probably refers to about three and a half years between the destruction of Temple (167 BC) and its restoration (164 BC).
1. God is not surprised by what’s coming.
What does it look like when we are trusting in God's control?

When we trust that God is in control:
1. We accept that God is not eliminating chaos but producing people who trust Him in the midst of it.
2. We do not fear change, we celebrate progress.
3. We spend less time praying for God to do something and more time praying for God to show us what He’s doing.
2. God is in control of what looks like chaos to us.
We thrive when we refuse to let chaos shake our trust in God’s control.
1. How has God demonstrated to you that He’s not surprised by the future?

2. How has God demonstrated to you that He’s in control of the chaos?