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Judgment and Restoration
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1. Judgment Because of Wickedness - v. 1-8

Joel chapter 3 is a difficult chapter to understand. So much is seen as a part of the history of Israel and some doesn’t seem to fit in what we know of their history up to now. So how do you look at this prophet’s words? Reading throughout the Old and the New Testament we can come to a conclusion that Joel speaks of the present days in which he lived and of the days to come for the people of God but also we can see the end times so clear in parts of this book.
This first part of the chapter we see clearly that there is judgment coming. But the first words are clear from Joel, there will be a restoration to come for the people of God. But immediately, he speaks of the judgment of the enemies of God’s people. God tells us why that judgment would come saying that the nations around were cruel and wicked in their dealings with Judah and Jerusalem. He talks of all the ungodly things that they did and these nations that are spoken of represent surely more than just themselves.
Joel tells us that God will bring judgment down upon them for scattering His people and treating them immorally. Those nations disrespected the things of God as well as His people. God will return His beloved people back to their home land.
How and where this is done we believe it is clear here. The judgment will be in the Valley of Decision or the Valley of Jehoshaphat and there they will be judged by Almighty God. Some believe that this refers to the last day of the judgment of God for the wickedness of all mankind.
What we do know is that throughout Israel’s history God has brought judgment on them using other nations and then because of their wickedness God brings judgment back on them. In our day and time God is willing to allow mankind to live their lives without God if that is their choice. He sent Jesus, His only Son, to live before mankind to show who God is and the character of God, then providing salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Given all of that, there will be a judgment of mankind based on whether they have accepted God’s love through Jesus His Son. The ultimate judgment will be in that Valley of Decision where all men who have not made a decision to received salvation by faith in God, will come to their end.

The way we live before men and God will come out in due time and judgment will fall.
"Judgment Day" Sooner Than Thought”
A Scottish lawyer was a wicked man. Once he hired a horse and, either through accident or ill-usage, killed the animal. Naturally the owner insisted on being paid its value, together with some compensation for the loss of its use. The man of law acknowledged his liability, and said he was perfectly willing to pay, but at the moment he was a little straightened for ready cash. Would the hirer of the animal accept a promissory note? "Certainly," he said.
Whereupon the lawyer further said that he must be allowed a long date. "You can fix your own time," said the creditor. The wicked man then drew the note, making it payable at the Day of Judgment. Eventually the creditor took the matter to court, and there, in defense, the lawyer asked the judge to look at the note. He did so, and then replied: "The promissory note is perfectly good sir and as this is day of judgment, I decree that you pay tomorrow."
—Methodist Recorder Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations: Signs of the Times.
2. A Call to War & The Valley of Decision - v. 9-16

In this second part of Joel’s message we hear God speak to the nations. He wants them to prepare for war. There is something that will come that they don’t think is possible. God has called them to do, in verse 10, something we might think is strange.
We have always heard that the United Nations has a Scripture on a wall outside of the UN, it is called the Isaiah Wall. It says, “They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.” This thought is the hope of mankind, that there will be no more war. That is wishful thinking as long as evil exists.

Joel presents the opposite thought. He says, “Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears.” What does all that mean? According to Joel, God is challenging the nations to make ready for war, by making spears and swords for weapons but even then they will need all they can get. Isaiah, on the other hand, is saying that those swords and spears will one day be made into plowshares and pruning hooks. Joel speaks of the time of war that God will finally judge the wicked and that will be in the Valley of Decision. On the other hand, Isaiah is speaking of a time in the future as well, that God will want all men to know that there will be no more war and that they can make those swords back into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks.

I think verses from 8-14 speaks of the time of God’s judgment of mankind in the very last days. I refer you to Revelation 19:11-21,
In this passage we see the Second Coming of Christ. In reading it you might notice that Jesus and His followers will come from heaven to the earth on horses, they are called the armies of heaven. Jesus comes to judge with “justice” and to make “war.” I think this is the final war that Joel speaks of here in chapter 3. In Revelation 19:17-21 we see the gathering of great armies where there are kings, generals and mighty men plus people of all kinds, free and slave, great and small, all waging war against God’s precious Son. Verses 19 through 21 speaks of armies and the beast trying to make war against the “Rider on the horse” and His armies. But the old beast who was captured and the false prophet were thrown alive in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. Verse 21 says, “The rest were killed with the sword that came out of the mouth of the Rider on the horse, and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh.”
We have just spoken of the “war” that Joel speaks of in the Valley of Decision.
I don’t really know this to be exactly the way it will be. Does anyone? But because there will be what I and many others believe, as described in Chapter 20 in Revelation, a 1,000 years reign of the Lord Jesus Christ, where He makes all things right and reigns for the millennium in peace and harmony, in the world rejuvenated from the destruction mankind has caused. We see some of that in Joel 3:17-21. A lot of what the Old Testament prophets talked about will take place during these 1,000 years.
Some even believe that the Valley of Decision might be where the final judgement of God will be, where the dead without Christ will rise before the Lord Jesus and be judged at the Great White Throne Judgment.

The reference here is to God's decision. What is meant is the situation of God's enemies when they are caught, without possibility of escape, under God's judgment.
The fate which overtakes the wicked again and again in history points up the meaning of this prophecy. It certainly happens that the tables are often turned, that those who take the sword perish by the sword, that whole nations are destroyed in direct consequence of their iniquity. In such instances we see men trapped in the valley of decision. A higher power than their own has overthrown them. An irrevocable decision has been passed, and the decision is against them. TIBExp

Matthew Henry says about what Joel has said, “Here is a challenge to all the enemies of God's people. There is no escaping God's judgments; hardened sinners, in that day of wrath, shall be cut off from all comfort and joy.”
To the wicked it will be a terrible day, but to the righteous it will be a joyful day. What cause have those who possess an interest in Christ, to glory in their Strength and their Redeemer! The acceptable year of the Lord, a day of such great favour to some, will be a day of remarkable vengeance to others: let every one that is out of Christ awake, and flee from the wrath to come.
Valley of Decision
Nazi Membership Roll

The knowledge that the entire membership roll of the Nazi Party, containing some eight million names, was found soon after the collapse of the German army was no joyous news to those whose names were thereon. Once these people were proud to be numbered with the ruling party. Once it had meant power and prestige, and in many cases wealth. This master file had been the key to places of honor and authority for those whose names were listed, but now it was different. Now it meant sharp investigation, prison for many and death for others.
—G. Franklin Allee Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations: Signs of the Times.
Is it not foolish to be living in this world without a thought of what you will do at last? A man goes into an inn, and as soon as he sits down he begins to order his wine, his dinner, his bed; there is no delicacy in season which he forgets to bespeak. He stops at the inn for some time. By-and-by the bill is forthcoming, and it takes him by surprise. "I never thought of that—I never thought of that!" "Why," says the landlord, "here is a man who is either a born fool or else a knave. What! never thought of the reckoning—never thought of settling with me!" After this fashion too many live. They eat, and drink, and sin, but they forget the inevitable hereafter, when for all deeds done in the body the Lord will bring us into judgment.—C. H. Spurgeon. One Thousand Evangelistic Illustrations.

Don’t let yourself be caught without making the decision to trust your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. If you don’t there will be a judgment day coming, and it will probably come when you least expect it.
The interpretation of verses 15-16, leave me thinking of the calamity that will fall on this old world at some point. Are these thoughts that conjure up the “war” we have suggested? Or are they thoughts of that last destruction of this old earth and heaven? We do not know!
3. Restoration from God - v. 17-21

I really believe this is the great description of the renewal of the earth after the evil has been wiped clean. Jerusalem will be the holy place from which Jesus will reign over all the earth. All things will be renewed and replenished during this 1,000 year reign of Jesus, all but Edom and Egypt, “because of the violence done to the people of Judah, in whose land they shed innocent blood.”
Verses 20-21, might have to do with another time. Listen to the words, “Judah will be inhabited forever.” I have thought of this and have come to the realization that if Judah will inhabit this place forever then it must take place after Revelation 21. The reason I say that, is that the Old Earth and the Old Heaven are destroyed and a New Heaven and a New Earth will be created by our heavenly Father.
If that is so, and I can’t be sure, then in just this chapter we have seen the coming of the Lord and His destruction that He promised of the wicked and the judgment He called for them. Then, as I see it, we have also seen the 1,000 year reign and now in the last part of Joel 3, we see the New Heaven and the New Earth. All is truly restored from the old broken, sinful world that God created perfect, to the coming again of the Creator to judge the living and the dead, plus we have see how God wants to still reign in this old world but finally before all eternity is to be launched, the world is destroyed and a New Heaven and a New Earth is made for the Lord God and His children, to live with Him throughout all eternity
The Lord Jesus will come again to judge all mankind who have not by faith trusted in His death, burial and resurrection for their salvation. He is also going to come as well to restore life. Yours and mine. He will give you and me everlasting life when we give our hearts and mind to Jesus. A day will come when we have our own day of the “Valley of Decision.” Be ready for that day, it might be today! Who knows but God!
Are you willing to be restored to new life? Come to Jesus now.
If you remember who your ONE is, then bring them to the Revival this week. What a great time to share your faith with someone whom you love.


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