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As You Go | Bobby Brooks
While the Great Commission does begin with the word “Go” it doesn’t mean quite what we think it means. Rather than being an in-your-face command, it is much more invitational in nature. It has more of an “As you go” sort of feel. In other words, wherever we are, we’re in just the right place to share the love of Jesus with whoever we meet. By recognizing the “As you go” nature of the commission, what we discover is that missions is not just a trip we take once a year to a foreign country, it is the everyday posture of God’s people to everyone, everywhere, always.
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As we wrap up our “As you Go” series, the final charge given to Jesus’ worshipping yet doubting disciples is to teach the nations to observe everything Jesus has taught them. Let’s be honest…that’s a big charge! Jesus taught his disciples a lot and much of it was in unconventional settings and through unexpected experiences. On top of that, they are to teach others to observe everything that they had been taught, not necessarily to obey everything they had been taught. Observation isn’t quite the same as obedience and this difference is crucial for us to understand if we are to really begin to wrap our minds around the full force of the commission set before us. So thanks for joining us and we hope today’s message and this series has helped you grow in your understanding of the Great Commission!
Next Steps:
Heart: Reflect on a time when God really got your attention – what happened and how has that experienced impacted you?
Mind: Read through Matthew 5-7. This is a huge portion of Jesus’ teaching and certainly must have come to the disciple’s minds when they were told to teach all that they had been taught. Where does it challenge or comfort you?
Soul: How have your doubts kept you from teaching others what Jesus has taught you?
Strength: Think about someone you have influence with. In what ways are they observing Jesus in/through you? In what ways are they not?
Neighbors: Go out of your way this week to be with someone and teach them to ‘observe’ something that God has taught you.
Benediction: As you go, may you teach others to observe all that you’ve learned and discovered in Jesus!

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