Family Worship Center, Beloit WI
Sunday Service May 20, 2018
Celebration Service - Own the Vision - Understanding who you are and how God wired you.
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  • FWCBeloit
    1021 Cranston Rd, Beloit, WI 53511, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

Family Worship Center

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Personality defined: the quality or state of being a person. The personal and complex characteristics that distinguishes an individual or a nation or group; especially: the totality of an individual's behavioral and emotional characteristics.
God’s workmanship
• Poiema/Ktizo = Hand made and shaped.
Good works
• Ergon = Business, employment, enterprise, anything accomplished by hand, art, industry or mind.
God prepared for us to walk in them
• Peripateo = Make due use of one’s opportunities.
Your design reveals your destiny
To lead effectively you have to know who you are.
People and organizations all have personalities. It is a combination of their missions, methods and decision making process that eventually defines them.
Helping every person find their place in God’s plan.

Mission: Reach people, make disc, build relationships, serve God and others.
Method: Come, connect with others, give, serve, go.
Decision making process: Authentic, effective, faithful, fun.
Discs Personality Test
Three contributing factors to your personality

Heredity - family history
Role Models - good or bad up to age 12
Experiences - good or bad after age 8
The Four Temperaments
“D” – Dominance, directness, task oriented, decisive, organized, outgoing, outspoken
“I” – Influence, interest in people, witty, easygoing, outgoing, people oriented
“S” – Steadiness, stability, analyze, people oriented, introverted
“C” – Compliance, competence, task oriented, goal oriented, introverted
Who are you?
• Are you slight, moderate or nuclear extravert?
• Social, anxious, thinking or reserved introvert?
• What are your strengths?
• What are your gifts?
• What should you avoid?
• What should you embrace?