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Nine - Part 1: Fruit of the Spirit
What are we, as Christians, supposed to be like? What qualities should be evident in our lives? The Apostle Paul, in Galatians 5, listed nine amazing Christ-like attributes that are called, “the fruit of the Spirit.” This series, Nine, will explore these attributes and will answer the question, How do we get them in our lives?
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Nine - Part 1: Fruit of the Spirit [May 13, 2018] Tim Haring

Problem: We try to change in our own effort

Solution: Don't try; instead, rely

Fruit of the Spirit observations:

•These qualities are called, “the fruit of the Spirit” and not “fruits of the Spirit.”

•The fruit of the Spirit is not the same as the gifts of the Spirit

•The fruit is produced by the Spirit and not through self-effort

The contrast between works and fruit is important. A machine in a factory works, and turns out a product, but it could never manufacture fruit. Fruit must grow out of life, and, in the case of the believer, it is the life of the Spirit. When you think of “works” you think of effort, labor, strain, and toil; when you think of “fruit” you think of beauty, quietness, the unfolding of life. - Wiersbe

It is important to observe that the fruit here described is not produced by a believer, but by the Holy Spirit working through a Christian who is in vital union with Christ. In an ultimate sense this “fruit” is simply the life of Christ lived out in a Christian. - Campbell, D. K.

Notice the phrases:

•Walk by the Spirit

•Be led by the Spirit

•Live by the Spirit

•Follow the Spirit

Walk in the direction the Holy Spirit is leading us and rely on the strength he is providing for us.
As a believer walks through life he should depend on the indwelling Holy Spirit for guidance and power.
- D.K. Campbell

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