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Unscripted || May 13, 2018
We love stories. Your life is a story. Unlike our lives, the stories we read in a book or watch in a movie are scripted. Your life is unscripted. It is full of unexpected moments. Some good. Some not so good. God is a trustworthy Author and when we allow Him to be the Author of our life, He helps turn the unscripted moments into moments full of purpose.
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Message Title: Tiaras and Tears
We prefer life to follow our script.
Uncertainty creeps in during the unscripted moments.
God responds to our weeping with a whisper.
God still whispers to his children.
You can hear God's whisper.
*Holy Spirit
*inner witness
*wise counsel

During life's unscripted moments, listen for God's whisper that will silence your uncertainties.
*silence the noise
*start with praise
*share your request
*stop to listen
*scribble it down
*submit it to God's Word (ask a friend)
Want to talk it over and connect this message to your everyday life? Good, us to! Change happens when we apply what we learn and share it within community. Answer these questions so you can share with your Connect Group or talk it over with a personal friend.

Tiaras & Tears. From a young age, girls start to dream about their lives as they play dress-up and pretend to be princesses with tiaras. We all dream about our future, but the reality is we run into a variety of unscripted moments. Some good but some can leave us trading in a tiara for tears. Let’s learn how we can find purpose in the unexpected turns of our life’s story.

CONNECT IN CONVERSATION. [Conversation starters for your group.]
• What is one story or movie you never tire of reading or watching?
• In your opinion, what makes a good story?

CONNECT TO THE WORD. [Read it and talk it out.]
• Read 1 Samuel 1:1-20. What is one thing that changed Hannah’s perspective? Why do you think it caused such a change?
• Hannah displayed tremendous perseverance. What makes waiting so difficult?
• What do you think it says about God’s character that He often whispers?

CONNECT WITH OTHERS. [Questions that create openness.]
• Unscripted moments happen to us all. Share a time when you experienced an unscripted moment. How did you personally overcome it?
• Pastor listed six different avenues God uses to speak to us. Which of the six has God used most often in your life to whisper something to you?
• God will often whisper to us something practical, a promise, something of our purpose, or His passion and love for us. Which of these categories do you need God to speak to you about in your life?

Which one of the following will you do this week?
• Spend 5 minutes each day quiet before God, listening for His whisper.
• Set a time to talk with someone you think is a “wise spiritual counsel” and ask for their input regarding the unscripted moment you are experiencing.
• Commit to read and complete the reading plan, “Whispers,” in The Bible App.

God, what an honor to think that You would think enough about us, to want to speak to us. Help us silence the noise in our life this week and listen for you to speak. Help us overcome the uncertainty as we navigate through the unscripted moments of our life. You are faithful and are the author of our lives. We trust You have our best interest at heart. In Jesus’ name,