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To The Church at Laodecia
What can we learn from the letters Jesus writes to the 7 churches in Revelation?
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The description shows Jesus’ deity

The Amen (used only here in Scripture to describe Christ)

Transliteration of a Hebrew word meaning Truth (Isaiah 65:16)
Idea of certain, fixed, unchangeable

The Faithful and True Witness = everything He speaks is truth and He always keeps His promises

The Beginning of the Creation of God

This does not mean that He was the first person God created (as some false religions then taught and some still teach

“beginning” where we get our word “architect” = He is the origin
The CHURCH (3:14)

Like most of the other churches, Scripture does not record its founding
The CITY (3:14)

The city was nearly impregnable except for the fact that it had to pipe in its water from several miles away through aqueducts that could be easily blocked by besieging forces

It was a banking center and was very wealthy city; It was famous for the soft, black wool it produced and for an eye salve produced at a medical school associated with one of the temples to a false god
The CONCERN (3:15-17)

I know your deeds (know = full and complete knowledge); Finding nothing in their deeds to commend them for the Lord moved on to His concerns regarding this church

They were neither cold, not hot, but lukewarm (this was understood by the citizens because due to having to travel miles in the aqueduct, the water arrived lukewarm (not hot for a bath or cold for drink)

Hot = those who are spiritually alive and vibrant
Cold = those who have rejected Jesus and the Gospel
Lukewarm = not saved but not openly rejecting Christ (fakes as si seen in Matthew 7:22-23)

This church which is full of fakes who pretend to know God but in truth do not, make the Lord sick (I would rather you hot or cold)

You say that you are rich and have need of nothing but you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked = they were rich in spiritual pride but bankrupt in saving grace
The COMMAND (3:18-20)

Christ offers this apostate church genuine salvation (v18)

Gold refined by fire so they will be rich = though this was a wealthy city they were poor spiritually (see Revelation 2:9)

White garments so they will not be naked = their famed black wool symbolized sinfulness; white garments show righteousness

Eye salve so that they will see = their city was known for its eye salve, yet they were spiritually blind

He calls on this church to repent (v19)

He offers an invitation for spiritual relationship and fellowship (v20)

Christ is knocking = conviction and spiritual enlightenment
We must individually open the door = faith and repentance
Christ will come in and dine with us = salvation and fellowship
The COUNSEL (3:21-22)

I will grant him to sit down with me on My throne = fellowship with Christ, ruling with Him in His kingdom and intimacy for eternity

This is one of the many promises in these letters to true believers

Eating of the tree of live (2:7)
The crown of life (2:10)
Protection from the second death (2:11)
The hidden manna (2:17)
A white stone with a new name on it (2:17)
Authority to rule the nations (2:16-27)
The morning star (2:28)
White garments symbolizing purity and holiness (3:5)
Christ confessing our names before His Father (3:5)
To be made a pillar of God’s temple (3:12)
To have written on us the name of God and His city (3:12)