You Asked For It #6 (5.13.18)
This series answers some of the most common questions about Christianity. The topics were picked by the members of MTVchurch!
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1. Teaching the absolute equality of genders while at the same time different gender roles represents the whole counsel of God’s Word.
2. There is absolutely no excuse for misogyny, oppression, dismissiveness or abuse towards women anywhere in society, especially the church.
3. Men being the head of the household and serving as elders in the church indicates their role, not their superiority as a gender.
4. Marriage succeeds the best when it becomes a submission competition.
5. Gender roles are not just for women but also for men.
6. Women are called to serve as deacons and in numerous positions of church leadership.
7. Men are called to give overall leadership to the church as elders because the New Testament teaches it.

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