Milwaukee Chi Alpha
Daily Devotion // Wk 3 // Ephesians 3
What // Learning to study scripture and apply it to our lives. And creating daily rhythms centered on Jesus. Why // Because we believe radical time with Jesus is the foundation for transformation in daily community. And abiding with Jesus as a community will help us find more of Jesus, go deeper in our Wednesday night sermons, and live out the Gospel. We encourage you to grab a notebook to write down your thoughts, answers to the questions, and to journal about what Jesus has been speaking to you.
Locations & Times
  • Milwaukee XA
    Monday 7:00 AM
MONDAY // Big Picture

Read the whole chapter and sum it up. What are the main ideas? Are there any words or ideas that keep popping up? Write down what you see and notice.
TUESDAY // Meditate

Take today to hone in on a few verses. Read them several times throughout the day and take some dedicated time to meditate on these verses.

Is meditating even Christian? How do I do that?
Psalm 1 says, “on his law he meditates day and night”
Key ideas: stop. be still and listen. Close your eyes and dwell on a verse.

WEDNESDAY // Context

How does this verse speak to the Ephesian church's context? Looking at the historical context (Paul is a prisoner of the Romans, a missionary to the gentile (non-Jewish) world. Ephesus was known for its temple to Artemis. Its ruins are located in modern-day Turkey. The church at Ephesus was multicultural, made mainly of Jewish and Greek believers.), how do you think the original readers (the Ephesians) would have heard/received this chapter?
THURSDAY // My Questions

But what about...? This is the day to hash it out - what frustrated you, confused you, etc? Look up commentary on these questions (Try Talk to a friend about it (or small group).
FRIDAY // Apply

Take time to pray, walk and what God is speaking to you to do or believe or hear today.
SATURDAY // Its All Connected

Where else in scripture is this spoken to? Scriptural context. Share it with your small group. How does it connect and apply to Jesus? The mystery of verses 4-6 is also revealed in Acts 1:8, 11:1-18, and in the Old Testament such as Isaiah 49:6. Verse 17 relates to John 14:23. Read through them below:
SUNDAY // What Else?

Read the chapter again. Now that you've spent the week studying it, what else do you see now that you didn't see on Monday? Write down your thoughts and reflect on all you’ve learned this week.