Westshore Christian Church
Gifted to Serve
The "Capital C" Church is hugely important in the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Join us as we seek what it means for us to be a part of the Body of Christ.
Locations & Times
  • Westshore Christian Church
    3062 120th Ave, Holland, MI 49424, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM

The called out assembly of God on mission together.
What’s the Mission?
• To continue the work of Christ
- The redemption and renewal of the world
- The Gospel is the answer


The divine enablement to proclaim God’s truth with power and clarity in a timely and culturally sensitive fashion for correction, repentance, and edification. It is the ability to reveal God’s Word accurately.

Intuitive Question: What went wrong?

The primary nature of prophecy is forthtelling and accurate teaching of God’s Word. It’s the ability and consuming desire to reveal the truth of God that it might impact lives.

The divine enablement to attach spiritual value to the accomplishment of physical tasks within the body of Christ. It’s the ability to demonstrate love by meeting the practical needs that releases other Christians for direct spiritual ministry.

Intuitive Question: What can I do to help?

The divine enablement to understand and give detailed explanation of biblical truth. It’s the ability to search out and validate truth which has been presented.

Intuitive Question: What is truth?

Encouragement / Exhortation
The divine enablement to come alongside another in need of encouragement to reassure, strengthen, affirm, and challenge those who are discouraged or wavering in their faith. It’s the ability to stimulate the faith of others.

Intuitive Question: What must be done to fix this? And how can we move this person to wholeness?

The divine enablement to earn money, manage it well, and wisely contribute to the work of the Lord with cheerfulness and liberality. It’s the ability to entrust personal assets to others for the furtherance of their ministry.

Intuitive Question: What can I give to meet the needs?

The divine enablement to see what needs to be done, set goals, and attract and lead and motivate people to accomplish the work of the ministry. It’s the ability to coordinate the activities of others for the achievement of common goals.

Intuitive Question: What is the goal?

The divine enablement to minister cheerfully and appropriately to people who are suffering or undeserving and to spare them from punishment or consequences they justly deserve. It’s the ability to identify with and comfort those who are in distress.

Intuitive Question: How can I make them feel better?

So What?
• Know you have part to play—you are needed
• Connect with someone this week about your possible primary gift/s
-Let me know which ones are a yes or maybe for you
• Begin exploring ways you can serve out of this gift
• Read the spiritual gift passages (Ephesians 4:1-16, I Peter 4:10-11,
I Corinthians 12-14, and Romans 12:3-8)

But really, just read all of Romans 12—its good.

Your Divine Design by Chip Ingram

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