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The Church is a Temple - September 20
What is your idea of your ideal house? I’m sure we would all have various answers. If we asked God this question, He would give us a clear and surprising answer.
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The Church is a temple.

Garden of Eden

The Tabernacle
Exodus 25:1-9

The Temple

Second Temple
What does this mean for us?

1. God has placed us in our city to be a dwelling place for His Spirit.
2. God is present in our world through us.
3. We must live lives of holiness marked by continual confession of sin to one another and repentance of sin.
4. We are accountable to God for how we form our church culture.

1. What does it mean that a Christian is God’s temple?

2. How should our attitudes and actions be influenced by the fact that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit?

3. What are some implications of the fact that God’s Spirit lives in every Christian?

4. How could a person destroy God’s temple?

5. What are some specific things you can do to be Christ’s presence in the world?

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