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Thrive | The Writing on the Wall
What does it mean to follow Jesus in a culture that thinks faith itself is irrelevant? And how do we live by faith in a culture that thinks the very question marks us as out-of-touch and out-of-step with the modern world? As fresh as this issue might feel right now, the truth is that God’s people have always faced this same dilemma. Join us as we find insight and encouragement for this all-important question from the book of Daniel.
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Mother's Day | May 12 + 13

Mother's Day

You are invited to a new conversation. One that encourages you to stop hating your figure, your flaws, your personality, your failures, and your circumstances. You are worth more than these self-imposing opinions.
This Mother’s Day, join us in this conversation with local author, Tricia Lott Williford. It’s time to begin loving yourself and understanding the confidence we have through Jesus.

Belshazzar is an insecure king.

// His authority wasn't the result of any achievements
// His authority was limited
// His authority was borrowed
Insecure people go to great lengths to convince others to like them.
Insecure people try to purchase credibility at other's expense.
The writing on the wall was Aramaic, which was originally written without vowels. For example: Fr Gd s lvd th wrld.

Without context, it's not clear which word "lvd" is (it could be "loved" or "lived") or what the meaning of the message is.
An insecure person works hard to remind others of his/her position.
Insecure people perceive other’s abilities as a threat.
Insecure people make sure to remind everyone of their place.
// Daniel has publicly rejected Belshazzar’s gifts, which was a rejection of his position and power.
// He has publicly accused Belshazzar of arrogance.
//He has publicly accused Belshazzar of ignorance…for not learning the lesson from the story of his grandfather which he knew.
// He has announced that Belshazzar’s kingdom is about to come to an end.

And yet...
Insecure people are driven by what others think of them.
The more time we spend thinking about ourselves, the less time we spend on mission.
Arrogance is the obsession with self.
There are two roads to self-obsession: pride and insecurity.
We thrive when we refuse to let insecurity take us off mission.
The key to overcoming insecurity is knowing whose we are.
1. Identify one big area of insecurity
2. Confess that insecurity
3. Commit to refusing to let that insecurity take you off mission for 21 days

Join us May 10th for a special Men's Breakfast at our Littleton campus.

Men's Breakfast

As men, we want to be good at what God has called us to – whether in our role at our workplace or as husbands or fathers. But what does that look like in the face of unimaginable adversity? How do we follow Jesus when life is really hard? Tim Moehlenpah, father-in-law of fallen deputy Zack Parrish, will reflect on his family’s journey and their source of strength and joy in the midst of great sorrow.