Calvary Christian Ministries 2018 VBS Prayer-up Team
2018 VBS Prayer-up Team - CCM
Calvary Christian Ministries VBS Prayer-up Team
Locations & Times
  • Where: Anywhere God Calls You to Pray!
    Saturday 11:59 PM
The 2018 VBS Prayer Team is only for the few, the faithful, the believing ones who have a heart for the next generation.
We're so happy to have you on board!

Here's how you can...
...stay connected to prayer needs
...join up with other prayer-warriors and
...encourage others with prayer-posts.

There are many ways to be a part--here are three:
1. Follow the Calvary Christian Ministries VBS Facebook Page
2. Log in to the You Version app and search "Calvary Christian Ministries VBS 2018 Prayer-up Team"
3. Comment on this page, below!

Let people on the team know when you prayed.
Organize a prayer-up online, in your home, or at church.
Learn about prayer needs in real time.

Suggested Prayer Points:
VBS Leadership - Wisdom, Discernment, Strength, and Joy
VBS Team - Creativity, Energy, Love
VBS Kids - Drawn by God's Spirit, Open to His Love, Changed Forever.
Thank you for joining your prayers together with ours!

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