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What made Peter and John so bold?

Same for us




In the Rabinacle teachings

Weak in the eyes of religious leaders

Two things qualified them

They had been with Jesus

The knew Him who is the Word, therefore they knew the Word

Any evidence of this in our lives?

Being lettered does not automatically qualify us to teach or preach

Must be evidence of us being with Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit

Seeing the works of Jesus should silence our doubts, fears, criticisms
about self, church, Kingdom of God

Conferring among ourselves without the Word and Holy Spirit will ultimately mislead us.

Human measurements are faulty

How does one that is carnal measure that which is spiritual?

So healed

Sanhedrin conundrum

It would be an unrighteous act to deny the miracle or punish because of the miracle

Forbidden to speak in His name or about this person!

This warning is working well in America!

Silenced many in the church for fear of suffering because of His name

Toss up!!

Listen to God or listen to man

We must speak

Having spent time with Jesus and being empowered by the Holy Spirit

The church must speak

The church must praise Him

Empacting our community

Our destiny in hell was chronic as the lame man, but Christ has raised us up!