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Empowered: The Fire Builds Boldness

A. Boldness despite opposition...
1. Peter and John were confronted by the temple guard.
(The temple guard was a priestly role that policed the temple as most temples had wealth and served as a type of bank. The Romans tolerated this position. They preserved order and often rose to higher positions in the priestly order.)
2. Peter and John were confronted by the Sadducees.
(Sadducees differed from the Pharisees. The Sadducees supported Herod and the dynasty. They were wealthier, more powerful, friendlier with Rome, held the offices of Chief Priest and High Priest, and the majority of seats in the Sanhedrin. Although the Pharisees appealed more to the common, working class, and controlled the synagogues, the Sadducees controlled the temple and were more aristocratic. The Sadducees did not believe in an afterlife, the resurrection of the dead, nor angels or demons. They were more literal and did not accept oral traditions.)
3. Peter and John were arrested and jailed.
4. The number of believers continued to rise...about 5,000!
1. The next day, Peter and John, were brought before rulers, elders, teachers, the high priest and his family.
2. Peter boldly spoke about the Jesus they crucified.
3. Peter boldly spoke that salvation is only found in Jesus.
4. When they saw the courage of Peter and John, they knew they had been with Jesus.
5. Peter and John were commanded not to speak or teach in the name of Jesus.
Acts of the Apostles 4:19-20 NLT

6. Peter and John were threatened and released.
7. The threats only produced a great, powerful prayer meeting!
C. A bold fire blazes in the hearts of the disciples…
1. The disciples were passionate about their beliefs.
2. The disciples were devoted to the message of Jesus Christ.
3. The disciples were generous.
D. The power of the Holy Spirit can light a fire in our hearts if we…
1. Keep our focus on the power of our God rather than the opposition around us.
2. Keep focused on the power of God to save in spite of all obstacles.
3. Remember, it is God we must obey first and His Word cannot be compromised.
4. Hold fast to truth, in spite of our world culture.
5. Remain more concerned that people see Jesus more than they see us.
6. Keep the power of prayer as our source of strength.
If you have made a personal decision to receive Christ as your Lord and Savior, please send us a text so we can celebrate with you.
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