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We believe that the Bible is God's Word that helps us face all the opportunities and challenges that come our way.
“Love Hurts”
2 Corinthians 7

Blurb: You may have heard the expression, “You always hurt the one you love” but have you considered that there are times when the most loving thing you can do is to hurt them? Let's take a look at the reason why in “Love Hurts.”
“You always hurt the one you love”
There are times when the most loving thing is to hurt someone to bring about a __________________.
1. Examine yourself (Mat 7:3-5)
· What’s the real issue(s)?
· What’s my motivation?
· How have I contributed to the conflict?

2. Look to God (Jas 3:17-18)
· Have I prayed?
· Am I committed to the goal of peacemaking?
· Am I relying on God’s word for wisdom and instruction?

3a. Overlook the offense (Pro 20:3)
· Is this something I can overlook or does it need to be resolved?
· Is it part of an ongoing pattern?
· Is it causing or risking significant harm to relationships or effectiveness in serving God?

3b. Gently Restore (Gal 6:1-2)
· Approach privately and share truth in love.
· Consider the needs of others in choosing the right time, place and words to use (Eph 4:29).
· If you can’t resolve it alone, seek help from others in the church (Mat 18:15-17).
· If resolved, forgive. If unresolved, be open to future restoration (Eph 4:32).
Because when a person _______ it leads them to face their situation and _______from it.
The Mechanism for Building and Maintaining Right Relationships

Destruction of relationship. – Living in the Flesh. Romans 3:23

Admitting my sin. – “I did it.” 1 John 1:9

Relational love. – Valuing others more than my sin. Turning to face those I’ve sinned against. Luke 5:31-32; II Timothy 2:24-26

Asking for forgiveness; extending forgiveness. Matthew 6:12,14,15; Ephesians 4:31,32

Taking Responsibility. - Walking in relational commitment with those I have sinned against. It takes both parties for this to work. II Corinthians 5:16-21

Trust. - Paying back what I have stolen (love, time, money, etc.) Romans 5

Unity with Maturity. - Living in relational community with accountability. II Timothy 3:15-17

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