Resurrection Life Church
09132020 | A Heart In The Right Place | Allen Hickman
From out the abundance of your heart will you speak. Your heart is the most important part about you. Not your knowledge, your aspirations, your accomplishments, your relationships, or your attitude. All these thing flow from the condition of your heart. If a person’s heart is sick, then they will have sick life. But if their heart is healthy their life will be healthy. God put more emphasis on the condition of your heart than He did the actions of your soul. If you heart is in the right place with God then your life will flows with hope, love, peace, joy, and the rest of the fruit of the Spirit, to the world in which you live.
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  • Resurrection Life Church
    795 Memorial Blvd, Picayune, MS 39466, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
· Fear is real; anxieties are real, so much right now
· Even the very children of God have, fear and anxieties
· “Fear Not” is mention 365 times in the Bible
· “Be Anxious for
· Jesus said “My peace I leave with you.”
· Hebrews 4:11 “Be diligent”
· Be zealous and exert and strive to enter this rest
I. PSALM 95: 7-11

· “Do not know my ways”
· Living life God’s way
· Making godly decisions
· Walking in His promises
· Trusting in His way of living
o Why couldn’t they trust after all that?
o “People who go astray in their hearts.”
o Astray= Error in the heart
Teach= shoot, aim, to point to, shoot straight
He kept trying to teach His ways, but they couldn’t truly learn because there was a heart problem.
Unite= do not let your heart have to many allegiances.
Fear (putting in His proper place) is the beginning of Wisdom.
Can’t enter His rest and peace with a divided heart.
Divided heart never walks in rest and faith.
Don’t have fear: His job to take care