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"The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved" (Part 3)
It's our late summer message series. A stroll through the Book of First John (not to be confused with the Gospel of John.) It's all about loving people more, by loving Jesus more. Hope you'll be a part.
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WE'RE NH. We all need Jesus. Glad you're here.

OUR MISSION. Our Passion. Let's walk together.


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Loving others is tougher than it sounds. Especially when there's great disagreement among us. Kind of like our world today.

The Book of First John was written for just such a time. John, "the disciple whom Jesus loved," lived in a tough day. Huge oppression, inhumanity and persecution marked the world of Christ's early church.

John's solution is profound: Recognize the love Jesus has for each of us, and determine to love others as we are loved. "We love because He first loved us" (1 John 4:19). It's no easy task, but it's the way of our Master and our Tribe: "Jesus said, 'By this, all will know you are My disciples, if you have love for one another'" (John 13:35).

Friends of New Horizon. By God's providence, we live in a day of great unrest. There may never be another season in our lifetime when it is more apparent that we all need Jesus. May God find us actively engaged in our mission of Leading People in a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ. It's the greatest display of love we can offer.
Where's This Road Taking Us? 1 John 2:1-11

Walking with Jesus is a lifestyle for a lifetime. Faith and following, wherever Jesus might lead.

But where are we heading? Although we don’t know lies ahead, we do know the goal.

It's not a destination. It's a heart-condition. And it changes everything.

Today's Big Idea: Love brings life to faith.
A. Faith is more than religion. v.1a

1. John’s heart.

2. John’s message.

3. John’s encouragement.
B. Sin is serious business. v.1b

1. The goal of our lives is sinlessness.

2. But, “If we do sin…”

3. Jesus is our “Advocate.”
C. Fuel up

1. What does sin say about me? v.4

2. What fuels following? v.5

3. How does a Christ-follower walk? v.6
D. The Ultimate God-Walk. v.7-11

1. What is the “old command”

2. What is the “new command”

3. What is the goal of our God-walk? (1 Timothy 1:5)
OUR RESPONSE. From faith & obedience, to love for God & others.

• Faith is more than moral.

• Love brings life to faith.
WHAT NOW? Heart-check.

• On a scale of 1-10, how would I rate my love-life with God? In what ways can I better demonstrate my love for God?

• On a scale of 1-10, how would I rate my love for others? What must I STOP doing to love others more? What must I BEGIN doing to love others more?
Conversation Starters for Kids & Families.
September 13, 2020

“Where’s This Road Taking Us?”

TODAY: Faith is so much more than a set of rules we follow to please God. It’s about knowing God and walking with Him, turning from darkness towards light. John writes to us so that we won’t sin, but when we do he reassures us that Jesus died in our place as the sacrifice for our sins. When we have faith in Jesus- we obey Jesus, and that leads to loving others. What we believe affects what we do.

READ: Please read 1 John 2:1-11 together

ACTIVITY: Hide & Seek, Dark & Light .

Supplies: Grab a partner and a blindfold.

Find a safe area where you won’t fall or knock anything over. Put on your blindfold and let your partner move away from you. Try to find them with no sound or hints. Then, try it again but this time they can say “hot” or “cold” as you get closer or further away from them. Next, take off the blindfold and close your eyes while they hide. Finally, open your eyes and try to find them now that you can see in the light!

POINT: Awesome! I hope you had fun. Wasn’t it easier to find your partner in the light? A lot of things are easier when we have light! That’s what John reminds us of this week. When we walk in the dark it’s hard to see things and do things. We might get scared or frustrated and take out our feelings on others. Our relationship with God, who is light, helps us in all that we do. We need the light. The light helps us to see clearly to love God and love others.

1. Have you ever wanted to know if you really believe in Jesus? John tells us how we can know for sure in verses 3-5. What does he say?
2. In verse 6 John tells believers that we should live like Jesus. How can you be more like Jesus?
3. Is it possible to love God and hate others?
4. Jesus is our light that shows us the way to go. When we spend time with God and understand His love for us we can show that love to others. What is something loving you can do today?
5. Turn to the gospel of John and read 14:23-24. Jesus himself says if we really love Him, we’ll listen to Him. Do you listen to the people you love? How does it make them feel?
6. This is how we will know if we are in the light or not, if we act like Jesus. Are you living in the light?

Lord Jesus, open our eyes, hearts and minds to the light
Lord Jesus, help us to walk in the light
Lord Jesus, help us to love others the way you love us
Lord Jesus, forgive us of our sin
Lord Jesus, help us hear your word and obey it