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Never the Same: 5 Moments that Will Change You Forever
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1. AWAKENING: When you are amazed at the Good News
2. RELIANCE: When you become immersed with the Spirit
3. FOCUS: When you stay in your lane
4. MISSION: When you pursue God’s audacious plan
5. URGENCY: When you get going because he’s returning
Discussion Questions
1. This passage has everything: gospel, kingdom of God, cross, resurrection, ascension, Holy Spirit, worldwide witness! What stood out to you the most?

2. Of the five moments (awakening, reliance, focus, mission, urgency), which one encourages you or challenges you the most?

3. God doesn’t call superstars to become world changers. He calls ordinary people. How have you seen a seemingly ordinary person truly make an impact for God’s kingdom?

4. You are seeking to follow Christ and spiritually influence others. But where are you tempted to move “out of your lane”? How can you stay focused on your primary responsibilities and on what’s truly important?
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